Sarah Keeling


Public auction of artist proposals to-be-made upon purchase. Commissioned by the Bronco Gallery, Portland, OR. (2015)

The Yet-To-Be-Made Auction connected buyers/collectors to artists to support project ideas and commission their creation through the format of an auction. This project was made in collaboration with Anna Nelson.

Featuring proposals by 53 artists including: Adam Milner, Ali Balter, Allison Bratt, Amanda Triplett, Anna Shepperson, Anya Weitzman, Caily Grube, Caitlin Rooney, Christina Conway, Christina Lee, Claire Gustavson, Clayton Merrell, Dadpranks, Dan Allende, Elizabeth Emery, Em Young, Erika Rier, Erin Dengerink, Fran Flaherty, Hank Enhrenfried, Isla Hansen, Jenny Soracco, Jill Falk, Jimmy Riordan, Josh Meier, Juliet Phillips, Justin Camili, Kara Skylling, Keith LaFuente, Kelly Neidig, Kevin Brophy, Laura Wagner, Leah Wulfman, Lizzee Solomon, Lucia Volker, Malcolm Hecht, Mark Sepe, Melissa Bryan, Michelle Illuminato, Miranda L. Tarrow, Nico Zevallos, Nicole Anderson, Nima Delgahni, Rachel Hibbard, Rachel Wagner, Rick Dailey, Robb Godshaw, Scott Andrew, Stephanie Ross, Tatyana Ostapenko, Taylor Preston, Veda Sun.

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