Sarah Keeling


Documentary short (2017)

From 1965 to the present, M. Elaine and Cassandra Bromfield, two black women, joyfully documented their lives in Brooklyn's Lindsay Park Housing Cooperative on 8-mm film. Into My Life pays tribute to their drive for self-preservation and self-representation, highlighting the memories, identities, and relationships housed within their archive.

World premiere: Tribeca Film Festival 2018
International premiere: Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Film Festival 2018
Additional screenings: Rooftop Films 2018, Greater Cleaveland Urban Film Festival 2018


Featuring: Cassandra Bromfield, M.Elaine Bromfield
Co-directors: Ivana Hucíková, Sarah Keeling, Grace Remington
Producer: Grace Remington
Archival Cinematography: Cassandra Bromfield, M.Elaine Bromfield
Cinematography: Ivana Hucíková, Sarah Keeling
Editor: Ivana Hucíková
Assistant Editor and Sound Recording: Sarah Keeling