Sarah Keeling
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Text reads: Air, Angle, Car, City, Civic, Community, Compact, Dog, Double, Garage, Green, Industrial, Lot, Memorial, National, Parallel, Plaza, Pocket, Public, Sculpture, State, Theme, Trailer, Underground, Urban, Valet, Water, Waterfront, Wildlife.

Park/Parking lists types of parks or parking in alphabetical order with the word "park" removed as a way to question the difference between the application of the term versus the experience of the space. With the rise of industrialism (and later suburban sprawl), a shift in language occurred in which the word, "park" began to more generally describe a single purpose space (e.g. air park, car park, office park, trailer park) or the state of a stationary vehicle rather than a place for pastoral escape as it was originally intended. With this history in mind, the differences in the definition of the word are emphasized in a playful manner and more subtly, point to a linguistic transformation mirrored in architectural design.

Graphite text on a wall, Anderson Ranch Art Center, 130 x 1 inch display. (2014)