Sarah Keeling

A series of hybrid office chair-loveseats reconstructed to accommodate two instead of one. By transforming the office chair into an office chair-loveseat, an object usually utilized by one person in isolation is instead re-imagined as a space that is more collaborative and connected. The loveseats promote physical proximity in order to subvert the implicit single-user basis for work revealed through standard office chair design. They invite the viewer to consider what other structures, physical or technological, could be redesigned for two. Through their collaboration, Gustavson and Keeling hope to create a scenario where intimacy and productivity are integrated together to offer a light-hearted, semi-literal suggestion for how life and work could merge.

Love_Seats is a collaboration with Claire Gustavson. The Love_Seats are three functional sculptures made from foam, bending plywood, fabric and salvaged components. Seat 1 of 3 shown above. (2014)