Sarah Keeling


Short Documentary, 21:53 minutes. (2017)

A couple originally hailing from Mexico, Fran and Gabriela are drawn together by their love for each other and a shared belief in revolutionary economic ideas. We find them in a small 1 bedroom apartment in the Bronx - Fran works part-time in retail while Gaby works in labor union activism. This intimate observational portrait follows the couple in their everyday activities, getting to know their worldviews through earnest dialogue and playful arguments. They structure their lives to create time for a joint project called, the Diego de la Vega Coffee Cooperative. Collaborating with friends and family in Mexico, they purchase Zapatista coffee from the southernmost state, Chiapas, mailing it as cheaply as possible to NY. Inspired by the Zapatistas “utopia”, Fran and Gaby work to create their own, finding the smallest workable unit of a utopia is a system of two.


Featuring: Gabriela Ceja and Fran Ilich
Directors: Sarah Keeling and Stephanie Andreou
Producer: Adrián Gutiérrez
Cinematography: Adrián Gutiérrez and Victoria Catherine Chan
Sound: Sarah Keeling and Stephanie Andreou
Editors: Stephanie Andreou and Sarah Keeling
Project Advisors: Bill and Turner Ross