Sarah Keeling


Short documentary, 15:19 minutes. (2017)

From 1965 to the present, M. Elaine and Cassandra Bromfield, two African-American women, have documented their lives in their Brooklyn-based housing complex on 8-mm film. "Into My Life" explores this mother and daughter's audiovisual legacy, memories, identities, and relationships preserved within their remarkable personal archive.


Featuring: Cassandra and M.Elaine Bromfield
Directors: Ivana Hucíková, Sarah Keeling, and Grace Remington
Producer: Grace Remington
Cinematography: Ivana Hucíková and Sarah Keeling
Sound: Ivana Hucíková and Sarah Keeling
Editors: Ivana Hucíková and Sarah Keeling
Project Advisor: Kathryn Ramey