Sarah Keeling
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Rjin & Daughters Contracting Simpson & Daughters Mortuary Ciampa & Daughters Fuel Co.

Wirtz & Daughters Garden Center CG Lantis & Daughters Sales Benson & Daughter

Ford & Daughter Used Tires Dodson & Daughter Interiors One More Daughter

Callaway Sons & Daughters Sand & Gravel Mother & Daughter Maintenance Carder & Daughters Roofing

Don's Daughter Donna's Barber Vernick & Daughters Inc. Plumbing & Sewer Father & Daughter Clean Up Services, LLC

4 Daughters Land & Cattle Carol's Daughter Fred Perry & Daughters

Godoy & Daughters Trucking Mom & Daughter Golden Brgn Stump Removal & Daughters

Dander & Daughters Chem-Dry Daughter & Son Trucking Fred Weidner & Daughter Printers

Hakeem & Daughters

& Daughters is a public project with The Last Billboard Project
Billboard text changed daily from March 21- April 11, 2015.

& Daughters is an evolving installation that displayed the names of businesses from around the country with "& Daughters" in their name rather than the more common add-on "& Son(s)." The selection of businesses focusses particularly on those who offer industrial services and includes the business phone number as a point of contact. A list of 30 business names and their corresponding phone numbers changed daily for the duration of a month (weather permitting).

The Last Billboard is curated by Jon Rubin and is located in Pittsburgh, PA on the corner of Baum and Highland Ave. View the project's Tumblr page here.